Enufree bedwetting alarm is a device that is moisture sensitive. It helps the child learn to wakeup just in time before the bladder empties. Each child has to get up at night and go to the bathroom to achieve dryness.
Enufree is lightweight and easy to operate. It consists of a sensor that goes into the underwear and is connected to a sensor box with a wire. If one does not recognize the signal from a full bladder, wetting occurs. The wet sensor activates the wireless Enufree bedwetting alarm and the child gets up and holds the urine. Soon, the child wakes up quickly to
Enufree bedwetting alarm as the signal from the full bladder begins to get recognized. Eventually, the child gets up before the alarm goes off. Seven out of ten children become dry after using the alarm and those who relapse can restart using the alarm to become dry again. It takes more than eight weeks to be dry with an alarm. The parents have to help waking up a deep sleeper. The child should be involved in cleaning and remaking of the bed.

Test the alarm sound: Open the alarm's box and touch the sensor with a moist cloth or your moist finger. The Enufree bedwetting alarm sounds. This will continue to be active till the sensor is moist. If adequate moisture fails to activate the alarm the batteries need to be replaced.

Getting Started: The Enufree bedwetting alarm sensor box is fastened to the band of the undergarmet with the help of a clip. The wire cord goes down the crotch area of the undergarments. Double undergarments should preferably be worn. The extra sensitive sensor comfortably rests between the two layers of under garments. To avoid a false alarm due to perspiration it is desirable to wear two undergarments and place the sensor between them. The closely fitting undergarments ensure the sensor to be in place and prevent dislodgment. Applying a small length of medical tape to the sensor fixes it secure and is particularly helpful in restless sleepers. Avoid stretching the sensor wire to prevent shortening its life. Alternatively a self adhesive panty liner can be used to place the sensor. A small slit into the absorbing layers can be made with a scissors and sensor can be tunneled through this slit. A samll sticky tape over the cut will help in keeping the sensor in place.

Keeping The Sensor Clean: The sensor can be cleaned gently with mild soap and water. Avoid twisting of the wire. Never let moisture enter the sensor box of the alarm as this damages the microprocessor circuit and voids the warranty.
Using Again: Reuse the alarm after drying the sensor gently with a dry cloth.

The Enufree alarm is fully guaranteed to be devoid of defects in workmanship and materials up to 10 days from the date of purchase. If the alarm does not function desirably, we will replace it with a new
Enufree alarm upon return of the faulty unit. The warranty will be void if the unit has been tampered with or has been damaged due to neglect or misuse. A damaged sensor will also void the warranty.









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